UPDATE: Bomb Squad Gives an All Clear

Updated: 11/04/2015 9:48 PM
Created: 11/04/2015 1:24 PM KAALtv.com
By: Ben Henry

4:23: Bomb squad gives an all clear.

3:23: Bomb squad robot is going into the car to search for explosives

3:06: A bomb squad from the Twin Cities has just arrived at the scene.

2:56 pm: We have just confirmed the suspect in the car flagged for explosives in Rochester is the same man flagged for a bomb threat at MSP airport this morning.

According to the Minneapolis Airport Commission, the suspect was driving erratically, yelling something out the window about the possibility of a bomb being in the airport.

Two people then made 911 calls.

The suspect fled and made it to Apply Valley, where he was pulled over for driving erratically, but not for the bomb threat.

When police were checking him out there, he fled again.

He ended up making his way to Rochester.

FBI is currently interviewing him right now to make sure he is the same person, but according to the Minneapolis Airport Commission, they believe he is the same person.

Family members told police this man has mental health issues.

(ABC 6 News) — Multiple Rochester police vehicles are surrounding a car in the parking lot of Home Federal Bank in Crossroads Center.

Around noon, police pulled over a car. According to police, someone reported a suspicious person naked inside the car. Police say the driver fled when officers arrived. The plate was ran, and came back with an alert tied to bomb threats previously made at MSP airport.

However, we know the Olmsted County Sheriff K9 Unit was brought to the scene.

A red Nissan Altima was searched, and Capt. John Sherwin says the dog detected explosive materials. Our news crew has been asked to move away from the scene. Police have set up a perimeter and are waiting for the bomb squad to arrive. The evacuation is not mandatory; however, police are helping them leave if they chose to evacuate.

According to one witness, police sped past the area, chasing the car into the parking lot. They say police had guns drawn on the person was inside that vehicle.

Friedell Middle School executed a modified dismissal on the east side of the the school, opposite the active police scene.

This is a developing story. Stay with ABC 6 News for more information as it becomes available.