By: Annalisa Pardo, KIMT

ROCHESTER, Minn. – Officer Terry Pretzloff handles Riley, an explosive detection K-9. Both are heading to Minneapolis to work along other law enforcement agencies during the Super Bowl.

Just like the teams playing, Riley’s focus is getting the ball.

“He knows if he finds the odor, he’s going to get his ball,” Officer Pretzloff said.

Riley is trained to detect upwards of 30 odors that could indicate explosives are present. When Riley notices one of these odors, he sits to alert Officer Pretzloff, and then gets a ball as a reward.

“The past month or so we’ve just been hitting training a little bit harder to ensure the dogs up to par,” Officer Pretzloff said.

But he said Riley is already prepared.

“Regardless of what the dog’s doing, he’s got to detect an odor. Whether it’s working the Super Bowl or detecting a suspicious package here in Rochester,” he said. “He’s been a good dog and successful.”

Officer Pretzloff and Riley have a close bond and are a championship team.

“It’s rewarding,” he said. “There are a lot of aspects of the job that can affect you personally, or are stressful. Having a police dog … kind of makes those other stresses go away.”